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Signature Treatments

Deep Fusion Blend $150 [90m]

A combination of Eastern and Western deep tissue techniques expertly blended in a highly personalized therapeutic massage session. Begin with deep breathing to clear the mind and oxygenate the system. Finish with a refreshing balance of electromagnetic energy centers to hold and to integrate the work. Brings barefoot massage, traditional Thai yoga massage and Western Biomechanical knowledge together in this extended session offered by a senior therapist.

Gentle Fusion Blend $150 [90m]

Relaxing massage techniques designed to quiet the mind, deepen the breath and appeal to the senses. Begin with hot towel compress to seal healing oils into warm skin. Gentle breath coaching invites respiration to deepen and savor aromatic essential oils. Light and moderate pressure techniques stimulate lymphatic and immune systems to cleanse and heal. Offered by our senior therapist.

Mountain Recovery Massage

A deep tissue massage using moderate to strong pressure to relieve sore muscles from outdoor activity. This massage starts with hot stones to warm the muscles, relax the body and increase circulation and is combined with our Naturopathica Arnica Muscle and Joint body oil to ease soreness and simulate circulation for over-exerted muscles. This full-body massage is exactly what is needed after a day of activity or to assist with healing sore muscles.

  • $100 [60 min]
  • $130 [90 min]
  • $165 [120 min]

Acutune Massage $150 [90m]

A body harmonizing fusion of therapeutic massage and tuning forks. Tuning forks are used instead of acupuncture needles to initiate the body’s instinctual ability to relax and restore itself. Our senior Massage Therapist provides therapeutic massage, a Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist places tuning forks in locations that will induce deeper relaxation of muscles while restoring the body’s balance. This treatment is recommended for extremely tight muscles, knots in muscles and those that tend to have difficulty relaxing during a massage.

Acufacial $110 [60m]

Acufacial Series: 7 treatments [$770] 60m

The fusion of acupuncture and massage techniques to improve tone and overall appearance of the skin. Begin the Acufacial with a hydrating mask, followed by an invigorating facial massage, as acupuncture needles are placed to induce relaxation, while harmonizing tuning forks are used to restore balance, concluding with facial acupressure and an application of moisturizer based on skin type. Each session includes an acupuncture treatment that will not only focus on facial concerns but will aid in balancing the entire body. Skin care regimen suggestions, dietary and lifestyle counseling included in Acufacial. A series of 7 treatments is recommended.

Pathway to Healing

This program is for those that wish to work on their health and well-being in a more intensive whole manner addressing the physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects. The program benefits those who are seeking a deeper understanding of unresolved or new emotional or health issues, those that feel stuck and are looking to break out, for anyone who is depressed or is lacking energy.

Description of treatment/sessions:

  1. Session will start with a consultation, assessment and diagnosis using Taoist/Oriental Medicine, Indigenous Medicine as well as contemporary approaches appropriate to the individual needs of the patient.
  2. An integrated approach will be strongly considered in development of a future wellness plan utilizing all of the input from Sacred Tree Practitioners. This will also include people who decide not to commit to 3 sessions after the initial consultation.
  3. Therapeutic Exercises such as Qi Gong and Meditation will be offered; depending on individual need these may comprise most of at least one given session.
  4. Tuina (Qigong Massage and Bodywork) will be included.
  5. Outgoing Qigong Therapy (commonly known as “energy work”). The practitioner's skill and experience in accumulating, circulating and eventually projecting and connecting to the qi of others is an important requirement to assess, diagnose, and to heal. The use of Acupuncture, Acupressure and Herbs will be considered to firmly guide the person back to a dynamic equilibrium of health and well-being.

Ceremony Session:

After the patient completes the series of 4 sessions (to include the initial consultation), a more traditional indigenous healing session will be held by special request and upon agreement of Joel and the person requesting. The traditional way of reciprocity will be applied. Payment can come in many ways, cash being one of them, but certainly not required and often not preferred, depending on individual circumstances. Treatment may last up to 4 hours and may be OFF premises.

  • Initial consultation/treatment 2 hours for $220. Client will receive a treatment after consultation.
  • After initial consultation and first treatment, it is recommended that the client commit to a series of 3 additional sessions. These sessions will be between 2 to 3 hours each.
  • 3 additional sessions package will be $1250.

Offered by: Joel Proctor, Dipl., L. Ac & CH National Certified Licensed Acupuncturist, Indigenous healing, Founder of the Mystic Warrior School for Integrative Arts and teacher of shaolin gongfu, taijiquan, and medical qigong, meditation techniques, internal energy/health cultivation arts, tao of sex/love/relationship and indigenous spirituality and healing.

Bridal Packages

For the Bride: $295 per person

  • Sacred Tree Signature Facial [75m]
  • Coconut Sumatra Scrub Body Treatment [60m]
  • Deep Tissue Massage [60m]

For the Groom: $295 per person

  • Sacred Tree Men's Signature Facial [75m]
  • Rosemary Sage Sea Salt Glow Body Treatment [60m]
  • Deep Tissue Massage [60m]

For the Bridal Party: $175 per person

  • Sacred Tree Signature Facial [75m]
  • Deep Tissue Massage [60m]

Bridal Hair & Make-Up (Day of Wedding): $180 per person

  • Hair Styling or Updo [75m]
  • Mineral Make-up Application [45m]

Organic Breakfast or Lunch: $15 - $40 per person