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Brigette Schabdach, Wellness Coordinator

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Brigette Schabdach Brigette Schabdach Brigette Schabdach Brigette Schabdach

Brigette Schabdach attended the Maryland Art Institute and Towson State University in 1984. She founded Spin Creative Studio a brand communications agency in 1993. She is certified in The Organizational and Team Culture Indicator which apply's Jung's Theory of Psychological Archetypes. This is a twelve–archetype model for the journey of individuation for individuals and organizations, that help us find ourselves and transform our world, harnessing the power of Archetypes to improve your relations, career and your organization.

She and Joel Proctor founded Sacred Tree Integrated Healthcare in Breckenridge Colorado in 2004. They lead seminars on complementary and integrative healthcare, traditional indigenous spiritual practices, the Tao of sex, love and relationships, qigong, tai chi and shaolin Kung Fu just to name a few. They have received acceptance of their 501c3 application for the Sacred Tree Foundation for research and practical application of complimentary and integrated care for such disease as Cancer, Diebetes and Addiction. She has been studying qigong, tai chi and shaolin kung fu since 2002 and is currently in a teacher training program with Master Li Jun Feng from the Shen Zheng International Qigong Society where she will receive her certification in July 2008.