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As a trained Labor Doula, you have the rare and incredible privilege to accompany a woman on the most sacred journey of her life. No other doula training covers the same depth and breadth of topics as you will receive with the five day Gentle Birth Doula Training. In addition to the skills required as a Labor Doula, we also focus on helping you develop communication skills, examining your own birth "issues," being with babies after birth and before, hypnosis and relaxation techniques that will apply in all areas of your life. We want to help you achieve your full potential, so you in turn, can help other women achieve theirs.

After completion on the training you will receive three certificates of completion.

  1. CAPPA Labor Doula Certificate of training
  2. Waterbirth certification
  3. Hypnosis certificate of training

Course topics include:

Labor support skills • Childbirth education • Evidence-based practices • Anatomy and physiology • Infant brain development • Psychology of birth • Recognizing and resolving fear • Active listening skills • Values clarification • Dealing with grief and loss • How to be with babies • Using warm water immersion effectively • Supporting women to have a waterbirth • Hypnosis techniques for labor and life • Breastfeeding basics

Barbara Harper is an icon in the birth world for many people. A nurse and educator, dedicating the past 35 years to “changing the way we welcome babies,” she has been involved in promoting waterbirth, training doulas, designing new childbirth education programs, starting birth centers, working as a midwife, educating doctors, midwives, nurses and guiding couples on the magical journey of birth and parenting. Known also for her outstanding book, Gentle Birth Choices, and the movie that goes with it, her work has affected millions of people around the world.

Guest presenters will also join us over the five days. Individual assessment and counseling sessions will be worked into the training for each participant. Class size will be limited to 15 so that a trust and intimacy can be developed and maintained.

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LocationBreckenridge, Colorado

RegistrationDeadline October 15th


42 Snowflake Drive


please contact Resort Quest for discounted lodging rates at these locations or a private home

Detailed Schedule

Details to come. Please call 970.390.4227 for inquires.

  • $800.00 Full Workshop.
  • Hotel discounts and transportation information, please call Brigette Schabdach 970-390-4227
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