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  • Sacred Tree
  • Downtown
  • Carbondale, Colorado 81623
  • Mailing Address
  • 789 Lincoln Avenue, Carbondale CO 81623
  • Contact Us
  • Phone: 970-390-4227

Sacred Tree is referring its Breckenridge clients to Blue Sage Spa, located at 224 main street, their number is 970.453.7676.


Email or call to request for an appointment.


  • Tuesday-Saturday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • *Hours subject to change by season

About Us

Our objective is to provide healthcare, healing, wellness and education to our community and beyond. We provide a holistic approach to health that addresses every aspect of your well being, not just your physical self. By integrating the physical, psychological, social and spiritual components of wellness, our skilled practitioners help people of all ages and fitness levels live healthy lifestyles, reduce health risks and grow personally.

While advances in traditional medicine are critical in our fight against disease, many people are thinking differently about their health. Illness does not occur without cause. The underlying causes must be discovered and removed or treated before a person can recover completely. Sacred Tree Practitioners collaborate with each other, you, and your existing healthcare team to evaluate the cause of your illness. Together, we can develop a complementary treatment regime directed at the cause of your illness rather than at its symptomatic expression.

Another shift in healthcare today is the ongoing effort to achieve and maintain personal wellness. Don’t wait until you are ill to address the needs of your body, mind and spirit. Sacred Tree offers many programs and treatments designed to preserve and nourish your health throughout your life. Just as the ancient trees were, Sacred Tree is a gathering place. We aim to provide our community and our guests a place of protection, peace, contemplation and centering. We invite you to join us in our discovery of the body’s natural, inherent and powerful capacity for restoration, regeneration and vibrant, energetic health.


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